From Pain to Peace

Freedom and Connection

On a personal level, I work in a creative, compassionate and thought provoking way. Throughout our sessions I will help you to recognise and harness your own strengths and skills so that you become more resilient and better equipped to manage future challenges. I will provide you with a variety of tools that you can take home and use yourself.

As a professional Human Givens counsellor and Havening Practitioner I aim to help people feel and function better right from the onset. Human Givens and Havening both draw on findings from psychology and neurobiology. They are also evidence based, solution focused and both gentle and powerful.

Rather than continuously revisiting the past and creating more suffering, Human Givens primarily focuses on being here now and creating the future you want and deserve.  Human Givens and Havening are both highly effective at helping people move positively forward with their lives, dissolving and freeing you up from any past traumas or negative beliefs and holding patterns..

Should you wish to read up more about Human Givens and their approach, please visit Links to independent research are available here.
To understand more about Havening go to or enjoy this informative you tube video

Sessions take place in my therapy room in East Sussex or online via zoom.


"Having been diagnosed with complex trauma and PTSD, I experienced many different modalities and therapies, but it wasn’t until embarking on Human Given's Counselling with Helen, that I felt my triggers were finally abated. I feel calmer, lighter, more solid and grounded in myself for the first time in years. I am so grateful for the work we have done together and the amazing results."

Female - 50's

"I have suffered from low self esteem and anxiety all my life, I thought I was an unworthy person and unhappiness was my destiny. Helen was amazing from the first meeting, always attentive, never judgmental and incredibly supportive. She was so understanding and honest with me, she created a comfortable environment in which I felt safe to share my deep-seated beliefs, no matter how irrational. Every time we meet we built on previous sessions. Her expertise and knowledge is phenomenal, as was her ability to fully understand my anxieties and needs, and her ability to remember things I said even months ago. She was incredibly intuitive and the therapy was so attuned to my needs and facilitated diminishing old entrenched memories and unhelpful patterns of thoughts & beliefs. I can honestly say my recovery has been so much more than I could ever imagine... I feel like I have a second chance in life. Helen has faith in me and has literally helped turn my life around by regaining confidence in myself. I can not thank her enough. On reflection I do not know how I would have got to where I am now without her support. One amazing lady."

Female - 50 yrs

"I can't begin to thank you for the help you have given us. We just had no idea how to help our child access and start to understand or regulate his emotions, nothing we had tried had helped until you started working with him. It has given him and us some handholds up the rock face!

There seems in general to be so much emphasis on 'making' children conform and so little on helping them understand how. Children are just children. They are not broken and don't need 'fixing', they need help in understanding who they are and how they can relate to the world. You have given him such a wonderful start, and his growing confidence and enjoyment in his sessions has been so lovely to watch.

At the beginning, you told me you weren't an ASD specialist and I said I didn't need one, I wanted someone to see and work with my child, not his diagnosis. You have certainly done that and its been amazing.

I am very very sure we will be back, either with X when the next phase of life proves too confusing for him, or with one of my other gloriously different children who all need a bit of help negotiating the world, but make it a better place.

Mother of a 9 yr old

"Helen has been working with my son on his needle phobia in order for him to receive life-extending treatment. Before she met him, he would hide in the house before his transfusions, he was so afraid to go, and fought even the smallest medical intervention from wearing a plaster to using an ice pack. Now he goes to his transfusions with confidence and a range of tools he uses to help him with the experience of having a cannula put in each month.
Helen is patient, positive and understanding as well as being highly knowledgeable. She knows how to get the best from our son, and has a wonderfully creative approach to his therapy, which he always looks forward to.

"Helen ran a workshop about 'Touch' for our local PA (Personal Assistant) organisation. Helen's presentation was crammed full of great information including a demonstration of her massage of hands technique. We were swiftly moved onto the next section where we paired up within the group in order to put into practise our learning on how to give and receive a lovely hand massage. If you want to understand more about the power and importance of touch or if you are in a caring profession/carer then I highly recommend getting in touch with Helen who will gently and gracefully guide you along the path."

T Hughes

"Thank you so much Helen. I had a wonderful day learning Therapeutic Touch and Hand Massage for the Elderly. The theory of human touch and its chemistry was educational, enlightening and powerful. I am a qualified massage therapist practising aromatherapy, reflexology and head massage and although I know about benefits of massage, the knowledge and research Helen has about this subject really set the day off to a profound start. I found the massage routine a joy and easy to learn and is wonderfully relaxing. I cannot wait to practice this with the elderly in the care homes I visit. They will love it!"

Karen Beard