From Pain to Peace

Freedom and Connection

Play Therapy

There may be times when children feel overwhelmed and struggle to manage their emotions. Such difficulties can be experienced by others as ‘unhelpful’, ‘inappropriate’, ‘difficult’, 'overly anxious' or ‘withdrawn’ behaviour.

Play therapy gives children the space, support and tools to access and make sense of their own inner experience.

During our sessions using the mediums of stories, drawings, the sand tray, board games, instruments and clay, children get to face overwhelming emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, grief or phobias. They also get to try out alternative behaviours, foster resilience, find meaning and develop a stronger, happier, more compassionate self.

If the child is experiencing continued PTSD flashbacks and nightmares from a traumatic experience, then there are some specific things we can do together to speed their recovery and ease their pain.

In all cases each session is uniquely crafted to each child. My aim is always to create a safe environment, a trusting relationship and to support the child back to ‘happy’ living in as few sessions as possible. Counselling through therapeutic play is for children from 5 -12 years.

Sessions take place in my therapy room in East Sussex or online via zoom.


"I can't begin to thank you for the help you have given us. We just had no idea how to help our child access and start to understand or regulate his emotions, nothing we had tried had helped until you started working with him. It has given him and us some handholds up the rock face!

There seems in general to be so much emphasis on 'making' children conform and so little on helping them understand how. Children are just children. They are not broken and don't need 'fixing', they need help in understanding who they are and how they can relate to the world. You have given him such a wonderful start, and his growing confidence and enjoyment in his sessions has been so lovely to watch.

At the beginning, you told me you weren't an ASD specialist and I said I didn't need one, I wanted someone to see and work with my child, not his diagnosis. You have certainly done that and its been amazing.

I am very very sure we will be back, either with X when the next phase of life proves too confusing for him, or with one of my other gloriously different children who all need a bit of help negotiating the world, but make it a better place.

Mother of a 9 yr old

"Helen has been working with my son on his needle phobia in order for him to receive life-extending treatment. Before she met him, he would hide in the house before his transfusions, he was so afraid to go, and fought even the smallest medical intervention from wearing a plaster to using an ice pack. Now he goes to his transfusions with confidence and a range of tools he uses to help him with the experience of having a cannula put in each month.
Helen is patient, positive and understanding as well as being highly knowledgeable. She knows how to get the best from our son, and has a wonderfully creative approach to his therapy, which he always looks forward to.

"Helen made such a huge difference to my daughter who aged 8 was suffering with general anxiety which was getting so bad she was refusing to attend school or leave the house. Helen’s warm personality and creative interventions have made a lasting difference and we now have our happy, considerably much more confident daughter back. She goes to school with a smile and we are able to enjoy family outings once again."