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Therapeutic Touch

It is said that a picture says a thousand words. I believe that touch says so many more.

The more I work with touch, the more I am ever amazed by its power and impact. Over the years I have trained in many different massage modalities and have been privileged to use therapeutic touch and massage with people of all ages including babies from 6 weeks old, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. I feel blessed to have experienced and witnessed the amazing benefits and profound effect that touch has on people of all ages.

‘It is hard to touch the heart if you are not willing to touch the person’
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Although deeply rewarding, caring for others can also be incredibly stressful. Therapeutic touch offers and promotes support, comfort, deep connection and healing to both the recipient and the one who is giving it.

It is my aim to bring healing touch back to the forefront of our society and it is for this reason that I wrote and teach this accredited course on therapeutic touch for carers.

If you have any questions or would like more information on other ‘touch’ services including:
‘Therapeutic touch/massage’ workshops for communities
Bespoke 'Therapeutic touch/massage' workshops for carers of babies,
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Talks about ‘touch and its power and importance’ please do get in touch.

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"Helen ran a workshop about 'Touch' for our local PA (Personal Assistant) organisation. Helen's presentation was crammed full of great information including a demonstration of her massage of hands technique. We were swiftly moved onto the next section where we paired up within the group in order to put into practise our learning on how to give and receive a lovely hand massage. If you want to understand more about the power and importance of touch or if you are in a caring profession/carer then I highly recommend getting in touch with Helen who will gently and gracefully guide you along the path."

T Hughes

"Thank you so much Helen. I had a wonderful day learning Therapeutic Touch and Hand Massage for the Elderly. The theory of human touch and its chemistry was educational, enlightening and powerful. I am a qualified massage therapist practising aromatherapy, reflexology and head massage and although I know about benefits of massage, the knowledge and research Helen has about this subject really set the day off to a profound start. I found the massage routine a joy and easy to learn and is wonderfully relaxing. I cannot wait to practice this with the elderly in the care homes I visit. They will love it!"

Karen Beard